Career coaching


Program “The fast lane to Seniority in your first job”

Exclusive 6 months Coaching Program for Young Professionals



  • Are a young professional.
  • Have graduated at Nyenrode.
  • Have gained some work experience.

Do you recognize this?

  • Your superior just gives you assignments and little guidance.
  • “Is this all?” is a common sentiment and you feel disappointed.
  • Your work is a lot less challenging than you would like it to be.
  • You are not yet performing at the high standards you have set for yourself.
  • You would like to receive more recognition for your performance.
  • The complex business world asks for experience and you just started.
  • You feel still that you are treated as a junior by peers and management.

 This can lead to unexpected doubt and sometimes causes stress.

 Are you interested in:

  • Quicker making career progress and having impact on the results?
  • Obtaining a visible position as a young talent within your organisation?
  • Making maximum use of your own potential, allowing you to perform at your best and to deliver unexpected results? 

You are not the only one! A lot of young Nyenrodians experience that working life is more complicated than expected. They would like to have more influence and to perform excellently to make the next step in their career sooner. Sometimes they doubt, whether their first step is the correct one.

 It doesn’t have to be that way! You too can use your full growth potential and enlarge your impact. In this way you gain exposure and the wanted position within your organisation. You will have the possibilities to do challenging work and to fully use your talents. This will give a chance to grow faster and to realize your ambitions.

For more information, download the brochure with more information about our program “The fast lane to Seniority in your first job” or get in contact with Rob Berting (BBA,1980) 06-50630840 and Anne-Claire Leenen (BBA,1988) 06-53707140  or mail; .