New Year Party Circle Brabant-Oost


Traditionally, we can no longer imagine the beginning of a new year without the sumptuous parties at Restaurant Allerlei & Visserij (Helga Gerritzen (19960033)'s restaurant). Find new contacts and refresh existing ones while enjoying delicious snacks and drinks! We will organize the next New Year Party on January 17, 2019. Join us at the Korte Putstraat 19-21 in Den Bosch at 7 PM. Registration is advance is mandatory, tickets are € 19.50 per person, including drinks and surprising snacks. Depending on the interest shown during the board meeting, we hope to present our new and/or reinforced board at this event.

The program reads as follows:

Date: Thursday January 17, 2019

Location: Restaurant Allerlei, Korte Putstraat 19-21, Den Bosch

Start: 19:00

End: Open

Costs: € 19.50 p.p.

Parking: Closest parking lot will be parking garage 'Wolvenhoek', on the corner of the Wolvenhoek/Waterstraat

Van Verre,

Ralf Klop

Gwen van Vugt

Sven Kuil

Event start: 
17 Jan 2019 - 19:00
Restaurant Allerlei
Korte Putstraat 19-21
Den Bosch, Noord Brabant
19.50 EUR
Not member: 
19.50 EUR
0.00 EUR