AI needs IA


AI needs IA

The world around us is changing rapidly: 'same day delivery', 'one customer view', 'data-driven'. 'taking the right decisions', 'respond to future demand': insight starts with the right data.

How will the latest technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Science prove their worth? How will we deploy them? And what is the significance of Information Architecture (IA) in this respect? Organizations that wish to take part in the future can no longer ignore these developments and have put this topic at the top of their strategic agendas.

On October 9, AdvancedPrograms will take us along in an interactive way.

Register now and introduce someone who is passionate about this too and please do let us know the question you would like to ask or receive an answer to, so that they can include this in their preparation.


18:00-18:30: Reception with sandwiches and drinks

18:30-18:35: Introduction

18:35-19:00: AI pitch by Eric van Tol

19:00-19:30: Data Management case example by Fred Dunant (Credit Agricole)

19:30-20:00: 'Dare to ask the expert panel everything' (supervised by Eric van Tol). Expert panel: Robert Winkel – Data Scientist, Sander Hovestad – Solution Architect, Fred Dunant – Data Management Officer

20:00 - 21:00: Drinks and networking


Nyenrode, Breukelen (The Rooij Building, Hi Tec room)


Eric van Tol - CTO Advanced Programs, Director Fontys Hogeschool, Member Economic Board Utrecht

Eric is a well-known speaker about Big Data & Artificial Intelligence and an esteemed chairman of the day. He knows the market like no one else and translates this into innovation. In the session for DataConnected, he will take us along into the world of AI in his own particular way.

Fred Dunant - DMO manager at Credit Agricole Consumer Finance

Fred is a highly experienced Manager and Consultant in the field of data science, data warehousing & BI and data governance. Is always active at the interface of business and IT and creates change on that spot. With a practical view, Fred takes us along into the world of Data Management.

Robert Winkel - Data Scientist with management skills

Together with organizations, Robert looks for the added value of internal date by means of data visualization and data analysis, data science and data-driven decision-making. Robert brings creativity, another perspective and will challenge his colleagues to remain concrete.

Sander Hovestad - Solution Architect

Sander is the driving force behind the Data Platform, by means of which AdvancedPrograms helps organizations to take the next step in making date available quickly and simply. From his technical viewpoint, he connects technology and innovation towards actual application.

Best regards,

Jaap, Katherine, Marian

Event start: 
9 Oct 2019 - 18:00
Nyenrode Business Universiteit (Plesman building, Arena Executive zaal)
Straatweg 25
3621 BG Breukelen, Utrecht
20.00 EUR
Not member: 
30.00 EUR
15.00 EUR