Masterclass Design Thinking, Design Thinking wordt Design Doing


On June 4, the Circle Innovation & Growth Strategies organized a Master Class Design Thinking. Innovation entrepreneur Roy Schinning-Woltring (20130514) enriched our participants with both new insights and direct experience of these insights.

During the Master Class, participants experienced:

  • The importance of getting a clear picture of a problem definition or ambition of an organization.
  • How to translate these into added values for clients, employees or other important stakeholders (Design Challenge).
  • Based on the perspectives of these personas, discovery of alternative potential solutions to respond to their needs.

On the basis of a real-life case of a digital transformation at Den Hartogh Logistics, participants applied the principles of Design Thinking. The most important questions problem owner Curd Groeneveld saw answered were:

  • What does an organization intend to achieve with the deployment of a digital transition? Which problem does it want to solve or what ambition do they have?
  • Which stakeholders are tended to with a digital transition? Does it concern customers, employees or perhaps the owners?
  • Which needs does a digital transition respond to? Will customers be served more rapidly and will they appreciate this? Will employees perform better? Does it contribute to the organization's growth ambitions?
  • Which alternative solutions are available that might help customers, employees or owners?

By means of the so-called Double Diamond, he introduced the participants to the basic principles of Design Thinking. And there is no Design Thinking without Design Doing! Within a timeframe of four hours, the participants could help Curd right away with his project at Den Hartogh Logistics. And this within a limited timeframe of 4 hours! He took these learnings home and applied them to his project immediately. After 3 months, we, as the Circle Board, will take a look at the results of this Master Class.

Have you missed out this time, but would you like to know more about this innovative approach? Download the slides here.

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We are looking forward to seeing you again at the next event on October 10, with former Ordina CEO. He will share his approach and impact in times of crisis with us.