Marketing & Digital

In the Marketing & Digital field you have found an interesting job, just as many other Nyenrode Alumni. Specially for this group of people we started this Circle. Goal of the circle is the share knowledge and experiences between Nyenrodiaans. Further on this circle tries to set the basic of succesfull cooperations. Why would you pay for expensive seminairs if we can share our knowledge as well.

Vision and mission
Raison d’être of the Circle: Marketeers among the VCV-members should be in touch with each other and share interesting information for both social and business reasons.

Vision & Mission :
“This Circle offers Nyenrodianen a stage for everything that is about marketing and digital."


President: Cathalijne Meijer (19990112)

Vice President: Nancy Poeran-Holleman (19990133)

Secretary: Patrick Bosmann (20100011)

Treasurer: Valeria Buzivska (S473730)

Commissioner: Joost Klomp (19910372)

Commissioner: Erwin de Zeeuw (20080301)

Commissioner: Maarten Aarts (19990002)