Market and Government

The mission of the NA VCV Circle Public Governance is maintaining or expanding a (knowledge) network Public Governance. A network in an environment where we want to broach issues and make new contacts.

Targets of the Circle:
1. Sharing knowledge
2. Social & business Alumni  network Public Governance

We organize 4 event per year. Each year we visit a company in the sector Public Governance and we organize an Social Event as well.

Our motto is: Enabling special encounters!

Marike Bezema (20080902)

Jan Boomsma (20060901)

Jean Paul van Schaaij (20100904)

Secretary members
Dre van Elzen (20060904)

Secretary Communication
Hemma Honders (20080912)

You can reach is by mail and on this website. If you have a new idea or want to join us, please let us know!