Welcome to the Sustainability Circle!

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR - terms that have different meanings and different levels of ambition - for people and for organizations. Some mostly connect it with environmental issues, some focus more on social impact, and others add governance into the equation.

The objective of the Sustainability Circle is to inspire people to integrate various elements of sustainability into business. To create an upward spiral for people, planet and profit. 

The Circle strives to connect Nyenrode alumni on this topic - bringing together people with inspiring and surprising ideas as well as those with a desire to learn more. We do this through sharing and discussing topics within the LinkedIn Group, as well as through themed events, that we organize independently and with other alumni circles.

Please join us in the mission to integrate sustainability into business by joining the circle and actively participating in the LinkedIn Group and our events. If you have ideas for a theme or speakers, please contact us at


Keep inspiring sustainable change!


Marjolein Baghuis (1986, chair)

Tim Mazajchik (2012)

Ronald van Oijen (1988)

Ilan de Vre (2004)


Foto: © Pliene