Achieve sustainable goals with cooperation


You are probably familiar with Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, also called the SDGs or the Global Goals. What in fact do the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) mean for you and your organization? What about the state of the SDGs in the Netherland in 2019? And how are these goals implemented by various industries?

Delve into the SDGs with virtual reality

On March 29, PwC in Amsterdam opened its SDG Dome for the Nyenrode alumni of Circle Sustainability.

The United Nations aims at realizing these goals in 20130. In the dome, we started to work in two teams to achieve sustainable targets as quickly as possible. Even for people already well versed in sustainability, it turned out to be not all that easy. With the decisions we made in the dome, we arrived at 2037 and 2044. These results and the impact of a peek into sustainable goals by means of virtual reality raised everyone's sense of urgency and strengthened their conviction to take action.

PwC brings goals closer for clients and its own organization

Wineke Haagsma, Director Corporate Responsibility of PwC, explains how PwC integrated these goals and how they help clients to do the same. To select the SDGs they wish to contribute to, they keep four steps in mind:

  1. Start with a positive contribution from your own organization
  2. Subsequently take action on a negative contribution of your own organization
  3. Then focus on the positive impact of your products and services
  4. Finally, look for the negative impact in the chain.

Sustainable 'bitterballen'with the drinks (bitterballen – typically Dutch round croquettes)

As always, we concluded the meeting with network drinks. With biological wine and vegetarian ´bitterballen' - made of oyster mushrooms grown on the coffee grounds of PwC's own offices!

This meeting was an initiative of the VCV Circle for Sustainability. Many thanks to Wineke Haagsma and her team at PwC for their hospitality and this special afternoon!