Utrecht / Amersfoort

A meeting place for and by Nyenrodians in the area Utrecht/Amersfoort. The basis is formed by a theme evening with an interactive set-up and varying, actual business themes. Business visits and special social events are also activities that will be organised in the future.
The main objectives of the circle are:
- sharing of knowledge and experience on business and personal level;
- contribution to a strong and enthusiastic NA VCV network;
- finding feed-back and advice;
- staying tuned-in on interesting developments in the area.

The aim is to organise 5 to 6 events per year.
Fixed programme:
19.30 - 20.00 Reception (can sometimes be half an hour earlier depending on programme)
20.00 - 21.30 Interactive programme
21.30 -           Drinks

Guest(s):  Guest(s) with a Nyenrode background are welcome! If you wish to bring Non-Nyenrode guests then please discuss this with us. Please inform us on guests (incl. name guest) when subscribing to an event.
Costs: Varies per event.
Location: Varies per event, but mostly at Nyenrode.
Bank account: NL62INGB 06518199 89 in the name of J. Vlaar en/of T. Dirks.



Contact: utrechtamersfoort@nyenrodealumni.nl

Frans Nijnens (NOIB 1970 - 19700064) (president), 06 - 1088 9367  



Jocelyn Vlaar (IMBA 2000 - 20000440) (contacts NA VCV/Nyenrode), 06 - 14 344 677  




  Taco Dirks (BBA - 19830024) (treasurer)



Rutger Visscher (EMBA - 20130522 ) (website en mailings) 06 - 44376159