Career Counseling

The speed, dynamics and complexity of changes in society and organizations make it sometimes difficult for an individual to determine what this means in terms of career for him or her. Anyone sometimes has the question: 'what now?'. At such time you feel the need to discuss your individual situation with a neutral third party and get an answer to the question: 'what do you think?'.  For all NA VCV members we offer the possibility of Career Counseling.

We offer the chance to talk with a third pary about the successful continuation of your career. Hereby members are helped to help themself throw dynamic and inspiring interaction. Talent is stimulated in this way is to (further) develop.

Nico Brokking (19660017) and his company agreed to support the  NA VCV Career Counseling. Nico is founder and partner of Triceps. Years of hands-on business experience as director and entrepreneur and successful results in executive coaching and executive search form the basis of his experience in Career Counseling.

Peter de Kroon (19730037) is also available for NA VCV-ers who want to discuss the continuation of his or her career.

Peter - 06-53 21 59 91 or
Nico - 06-21 25 35 40 or

General contact information: - 088 5000 500