Oxford Business Alumni & Nyenrode Finance Circle Summer Drinks at Juniper & Kin


When was the last time you did something for the first time: wrote a book, quit the job to pursue your dream, told the manager what you really think of him, went alone on holiday, asked for forgiveness, drank a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1947? There is a first time for everything, it is never too late to become the person you always wanted to be.

For Nyenrode Finance Circle and Oxford Business Alumni, it is the first time both societies will come together during the renowned Summer Drinks Event. For the very first time, communities of both illustrious universities, a leading business school of the Netherlands and the oldest and most respected university of the English-speaking world, will raise together a glass to honor the light of wisdom, the strength of relationships and the beauty of life. Why would Oxford and Nyenrode communities join forces together? Because nowhere else are business and science so exquisitely blended, so perfectly made one.

Whilst historic monuments of both universities continue to impress the world by the ability of their beauty to withstand the test of time, other establishments open their doors to spark inspiration and create a sense of comforting luxury within our minds. One of these is opening this Summer its doors to welcome both societies to experience a different type of energy and ambiance – Juniper & Kin Bar, the soul of the brand-new QO Hotel Amsterdam, a new standard in the hotel industry. Housed in a remarkable ‘living’ building, where you do not have to compromise on luxury to be meaningful. Its name is derived from the Juniper plant, the primary ingredient in classic Dutch gin. Fresh ingredients used in creative drinks and sophisticated dishes are handpicked from the very first, state-of-the-art rooftop greenhouse in Amsterdam. Its herbs turn every cocktail into imaginative creations of pure delight. Each dish is brought to its minimal necessary cooking temperature, which never exceeds 41 degrees Celsius, ensuring the fullest experience of flavors in their purest form. The QO Hotel was born of the need to stop the wasteful, one-use approach to hospitality. Instead, it proves that embracing a sustainable, circular approach is the only way to create a genuinely positive impact – for both people and planet.

Have you always wanted to be on top of the world? Join us and enjoy the breathtaking view from the 21st floor at Juniper & Kin, which makes the world feel far and distant. Every summer has its own story. We are excited to hear yours during this Summer drinks event at the most Luxuriously Sustainable establishment in the Netherlands. And, perhaps, the magical element of belonging will create a spark that will ignite countless possibilities to do something for the first time.

  • When: Thursday 29 August, 18.00
  • Where: Juniper & Kin Bar (QO Hotel), Amstelvlietstraat 4C, Amsterdam
  • RSVP: VCV members and Nyenrode students via the VCV website, non-members via this website
  • Fee: Free for the members of both societies and students, other guests are charged 15,- (ex. payment costs) administration fee. Bites are offered by the Nyenrode Finance Circle
  • Dress code: Chic casual
  • Contact: finance@nyenrodealumni.nl
Event start: 
29 Aug 2019 - 18:00
Juniper & Kin Bar (QO Hotel)
Amstelvlietstraat 4C
0.00 EUR
Not member: 
15.00 EUR
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