1946: The start of the N.O.I.B.


Especially for the 70th anniversary of the Nyenrode Business University, we asked the first students to share their memories of 1946. Led by year representative Hans Kalff (19460045) they drew up the following story.


The start of the N.O.I.B.

Toward the end of World War II in 1944, Plesman (KLM) had gone into hiding in Twente. During talks with people from the textile world, he expressed his worries about how the Netherlands should proceed after the war to re-establish their trading position. Right after the war, the following companies proved willing to contribute ideas: PTT, Philips, Unilever, textile companies from Twente and KLM. It were the ‘captains of industry’, who believed that young men who knew their facts should put Holland back on the map.

A short (2 years) study program with sports, languages, a feeling for commerce and international trade was required for this. All in all, an atmosphere of reconstructing the Netherlands. The world around us was changing considerably after the war: reconstruction of roads, bridges, factories was necessary. The war in the Dutch East Indies took its toll on young men: the Netherlands were not in line with the agenda of England and the United States, the division of Germany into East and West, the capitulation of Japan, Israel in the making.

Memories of the FIRST year at Nyenrode



Temporary accommodation Paasheuvel close to Nunspeet


You know: the very first beginning

What would the NOIB teach?

  • Putting Dutch export back on track
  • Representing the Netherlands abroad

Realization through language, sports, ABC course of business. As a first traineeship, a placement at an industry in Twente: other traineeships were at Philips and the state-owned mines in the south of Limburg.



Finally at the castle

Various study programs appeared: trade, traffic, journalism, diplomacy.




The study group traffic followed separate classes, just like the other groups.


The central point is the sleeping barrack with its letterboxes.

‘A moment of silence please’, this is how each meal in the Koetshuis started and ended. That was during the time that food stamps were required to put food on the table. And so we brought them with us. The students could be classified as follows: a group of 16 -19 years old, fresh from high school, a group of older students of 20 - 25 years old, many of them from the Dutch East Indies, as it was still called at that time, with quite a lot of war experience. There were no ladies yet, they would come later.

The first rector Habbema has done a lot to make this start possible, although not everyone agreed with how he did so. The student board had to talk much to discuss matters close to the students’ hearts with the management. Looking back, marketing and women were missed. That has been put right in the years that followed.

Official opening by Prince Bernhard

Dik van der Laag (19460053) is allowed to raise the flag.

Six to a room, room six, the rowers’ room: to bed early for training.


Reaction of Mr. Postma at his appointment:

Set-up of Nyenrode:

  • For the good of disciples
  • For the good of the country
  • For the good of the people
  • For the good of a wider circle (?)
  • Just like in the days of the Greeks and the Romans

What will be achieved (hopefully):

  • Character building
  • Self-discipline
  • Sense of duty
  • Public responsibility
  • Thanks to physical education
  • Boarding school life
  • Self-motivation
  • Study
  • Social life
  • Healthy body
  • International disposition

In my modest opinion:


Yes, we made it!