Recap of successful meeting 'Mission Possible'


Tuesday, May 28, the time had come: 'Mission Possible' was the theme of this evening, organized by the Circle Business Spirituality, when the impossible became possible. It was an inspiring evening, where participants shared their dreams and experiences in the field of energy, manifesting, synchronicity, intuition and communication.

Additionally, the chairman of the evening, Ger Kamstra, highlighted the corresponding theories, so that those phenomena that are difficult to understand, could still be referred to as self-evident.

What made this evening so powerful was the combination of openness and frankness of its participants, the practical examples, the corresponding theories and, last but not least, the 'Ultimate Endgame', which showed that the participants' dreams were rather well-supported. Those dreams were not so crazy after all!

Additionally, the participants received insights on the basis of their own dreams, which they could put into actual practice right away. And which will give immediate results, as long as you are open to it! Because everyone has ideas, or perhaps a dream, but do they have time left to go for it?! And what if it fails? And why do we doubt so much anyway? All of them issues we focused on, with results!

As the evening progressed, we put an end to the assumptions we make up ourselves! We have seen things happening during this workshop that should not be possible according to reason! We know now why it is possible after all and we will go for it!

Summarized: a successful evening, not only generating a lot of energy, but valuable relationships, networks, knowledge and insights as well!

Annoyed that you missed it?! Rightly so! But do not despair. Become a member of the Circle Business Spirituality and follow our news! After the summer, we will continue with highly inspiring meetings! See you soon!