Tenth meeting of Circle Business Spirituality revolved around intuition


The tenth meeting of the Circle Business Spirituality and the first of 2019! An evening themed intuition and improvements. The greatest art is in the ability to look at yourself! Beyond logic!

It was a special night once again: by means of energetic and stimulating questions and ideas, the participants gained new insights that will have a lasting effect. Together we looked for the larger picture, the (in)visible connection between cause and effect, but definitively with each other too.

The aim of the evening was to experience what happens if you go beyond logic, fears and doubts and if we apply particular principles: by letting go of fears, doubts and negative thoughts, we gain access to the most powerful source of energy, creativity and decisiveness.

And this was not all. Jelle Visser, founder and owner of the successful 'E-Bike to go' told us how he has done very well by intuition. In addition, Jelle launched a large-scale experiment we will undoubtedly hear much more about in the future: The giving challenge 2019. All in all, a wonderful evening, interwoven with inspiration and intuition.

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