" The Nyenrode Alumni Association VCV is the key
to the survival of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit "

Herman Bruggink (20089901) , former President Nyenrode Business Universiteit &
Honorary member of the Alumni Association

The Nyenrode Alumni VCV was founded on May 11, 1957, as a logical continuation of the NCV (student association). There is still a strong bond with the latter association. The NA VCV started with the need to allow the very first students of the NCV to maintain the strong bond they had developed during their study time on the Nyenrode estate. They wanted to (re-) live the unique experience of studying and living together at Nyenrode in an association of former students. Indeed, there's no such thing as a former Nyenrodian because you're a Nyenrodian for life!



The NA VCV has always distinguished itself in many ways from other alumni associations. To start with, the VCV is the largest and most closely-knit alumni association in the Netherlands. It is an independent association with its own statutes and finances. In contrast to other associations, it was set up only as a way of networking and not, as is standard in the US, to raise funds via the alumni for the university. The VCV also offers activities of a professional and social nature. The strength of our network is based on that special bond that Nyenrodians have with one another and with Nyenrode.

The NA VCV is housed on the estate. Each day, the Alumni Office processes all changes in the contact information of the alumni so that the valuable alumni database remains up-to-date. This database is treasured and carefully safeguarded so that it cannot be misused.

For an overview of the history of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit , please check the website of the university.