The  Nyenrode Alumni VCV is an independent organization, founded in 1957. The association is managed by the Mainboard (MB), assisted by the Alumni Office headed by Simone Daniels (19960021). The MB reports to the Council of Representatives (CR). The CR consists of year representatives (JVs) from the first group in 1946 till recent years. These JVs represent all VCV members from their years. In this way, all members of the Alumni Association are involved in the CR and thus involved in all decisions on the course of the Nyenrode Alumni VCV.

The NA VCV is represented in major organs at Nyenrode Business Universiteit by the following persons:

• Jan Bernard Nolst Trenité (19760059), member of the Supervisory Board of Nyenrode.
• Menno Broos (20060025), board member of the Stichting Nyenrode Fondsenwerving.

The MB consists entirely of volunteers. Monthly meetings are held and also the HB members fulfill many tasks associated with their portfolio. The Alumni Office consists of 5 permanent employees and is located in the Dr. Albert Heijn building on the Nyenrode estate. It is thanks to the unceasing efforts of this team, the  Nyenrode Alumni VCV, and therefore Nyenrode, have a more than accurate database of Alumni and a very active Alumni Association.

The statutes of the Nyenrode Alumni VCV can be found here.


Explanation of numbers

Behind every name of an Alumnus, Alumna, is an eight-digit number. The first four numbers are the year of arrival at Nyenrode and the last four numbers form the serial number of registration at Nyenrode.


Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives (CR) is the highest organ of the Nyenrode Alumni Compagnie van Verre (VCV), the association of former students of Nyenrode Business University. The Council consists of the representatives elected by their year of the old and new courses of study at Nyenrode and many of the Executive programs. The CR currently consists of approximately 110 members.

For more information on the Council of Representatives, please visit this page.


Year Representatives

Each study at Nyenrode has a representative. They represent their classsmates. Year Representatives are an important link between the NA VCV and it's thousands of members (including you). The year representatives are responsible for organizing and engaging you in the activities of the NA VCV and Nyenrode , and for updating you about everything that is happening.

Year Representatives inform and inspire their classmates and contribute greatly to the network. The many Homecomings , seminars , meetings and review sessions are the proof that you and fellow students from each year have a strong bond with Nyenrode and want to keep that bond.

For an overview of all Year Representatives you can take a look at this page .