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Robotization and the future of Jobs

Robotization and the future of Jobs The future of work and the importance of the Learning Organization in the Digital Age. When? April 19th 2018!  Where? Nyenrode Business Universiteit Innovative technologies are changing the world around us in a fast pace. The increasing speed of digitization of...

Interkringenbijeenkomst 2018

Op donderdag 15 februari stond het jaarlijkse Interkringenoverleg op de agenda. Ruim 15 kringen waren vertegenwoordigd; de leden gingen actief en enthousiast met elkaar aan de slag. Onder begeleiding van de kring Hospitality, met als hosts Remi Bode en Elke Seelmann werd een customer journey...

Welcome to the Data Circle(Kring)!

In today's economy we see more and more companies wanting to become more data driven. But what that exactly means, and what the implications are, is not clear to many. We see an opportunity for the VCV to strengthen the relationship between business and IT. From the business side there are...