Awards and nominations

On this page you find Nyenrode alumni who were nominated for and/or awarded various prizes and honors.








  • Henny Westland (20095611), winner Familiebedrijven Award 2014 Netherlands
  • Arjan Dijk (19880034), Nr. 17 top100 LGBT business leaders Financial Times
  • Klaas Heijs (19990065), winner National Business Succes award 2014
  • Annemarie Dekker (19860024), Best female CEO Netherlands
  • Roel Schoenmaker (20030095), Service now Innovation awards
  • Alex Sozonoff (19570097), Honorary doctorate Kaunas Technology University Lithuania
  • Rob van Leen (19920717), Innovator of the Year (Accenture Innovation Event)
  • Willem Blijdorp (20075605),  EY Entrepreneur Of The Year



  • Leo Cornelissen (19600022), Officier in de Kroonorde Belgium
  • Jacques Gotlieb (19760023), Erespeld of the municipality Waalwijk

  • Gerry Staartjes (19500054), Nyenrode Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Salem Samhoud (19800100), 2 Michelin Stars &Samhoud Restaurant

  • Boudewijn Poelmann (19670100), Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau

  • Rob van Leen (19920717) , Accenture Innovator of the Year award


Other awards and honorable mentions



Ben Brinkel (19470013) in the middle, Jan Campert-prijs, 1949
(Source; , Nationaal Archief)

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