23 January | Millenials - Difficult at work?


Millennials are killing capitalism – and that’s a good thing!

(By WIRED, Matthew Taylor, 13 January 2018)


Millennials – born between 1980 and 2000; now between 19 and 39 years old - currently dominate a vast amount of the workforce population. A type of specie that’s only on social media, not able to communicate ‘normally’ anymore, impatiently job-hopping and expecting to make a huge impact on the world. Yet they also have the highest chance of getting hit by a burn-out. Difficult? Yes, or maybe not?

Millennials are the new labor force, holding more and more key positions. How do you deal with this? What do you have to do to protect this millennial from getting burned out and keep them happy at work? Because the world is less glamourous than it looks on social media.

The Millennium generation is a force that must be taken into account. They are talented, innovative, entrepreneurial and creative. They are also very mobile and sensitive to job hopping. However, maintaining Top Talent is an essential requirement for businesses and old strategies are no longer effective. For example, important role models used to be Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. For Millennials the top 3 is: Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. All three are self-made.

In a tight labor market where recruiting talent is very difficult, it becomes all the more important to keep talent indoors.  

The good news is that Millennials prefer to stay with the same company if they get the right environment and opportunities. But what is the right environment and what are these (good) opportunities?

This lecture, given by Sicco Maathuis (Nyenrode alumnus  20010094, Innovation Manager at Capgemini and Trendwatcher, bio in link), will give you more insights into this generation, about their standards & values, shows you what it takes to improve their retention rate and to be able to offer your Top Talent a long lasting spot. Millennials difficult? Yes, but what is challenge when it is not challenging!  


Date: 23rd of January, 2020


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Location: Nyenrode Business University, Theater Executive Zaal

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