Artificial Intelligence in a practical way!


Invitation Key note; Artificial Intelligence in a practical way!

At end of 2017 the “green light” was given to the new Data Kring to become officially part of the VCV alumni network. The current Data Kring board would like to commemorate this event with a content-driven “Data Drinks”. We would like to invite and welcome you on the 15th March at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit. The evening will start with a key note at the Albert Heijn executive room 1 and afterwards we will close the evening with a toast at the “Zolderbar”.

“ Alumnus Koen Meeuwsen has been inspired in 2013 by the amount of possibilities neural networks can offer. With the foundation of NeurOp BV he made it possible to offer techniques to organizations which cannot be achieved by themselves, because they don’t have this expertise. The starting point of the NeurOp solutions is that it will be profitable within 6 months!”

Artificial Intelligence, when you don’t have it, you are not part of the game anymore. Often, we think off self-driving cars or other futuristic possibilities, but we often cannot see the specific possibilities for our own company as our knowledge is limited with this respect. We don’t see the ‘low-hanging fruit’.

This will be the main topic of this keynote: specific applications with an important impact on results, but with low impact on the process and with a short payback period. In this session we focus on artificial intelligence models realized in SMEs. The session will touch points such as best practices, problems encountered and their respective solutions.

Mission Data Kring

The current economy shows that more and more organizations will be data-driven. But, for many people it still is not clear what it means and what implications that will give. As board we see this as an opportunity for VCV to strengthen the connection between business and IT. Business is struggling with questions like: “How do we handle outcomes of a predictive model?”, or “What impact will it have when I will work data-driven”, and for IT “How can we create robust models if business really will act on predictions?”. With the foundation of the Data Kring we would like to address these questions.


18:00-18:30: Walk in
18:30-18:45: Intro Data Kring
18:45-19:45: Neural Networks by Koen Meeuwsen
19:45-20:00: Resume & walk to "Zolderbar"
20:00-21:00: Social

Next to the keynote, we are very curious to hear from you about possible themes and events you would like us to organize. Our planning will take into account your suggestions and try to make it happen in 2018!

This event is free and the first round of drinks is on us!
If you are not able to come to his event, but are interested in any updates and news of the Data Kring, please join this circle via the alumni website or our facebook page!
You can also send your questions or suggestions for the Data Kring to

We look forward to seeing you at our first and festive event!

Marian, Katherine, Jaap

Start evenement: 
15 mrt 2018 - 18:00
Nyenrode Business Universiteit - Albert Heijn executive room 1 Breukelen
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