Finance Circle


Nyenrode Business School is a leading Dutch business school which is renowned for its close collaboration with business society. Finance Circle represents over a thousand Nyenrode alumni and industry experts.

Throughout the year we organize various events and networking activities for our members as well as for finance professionals who are not eligible for society membership. Once/twice a year our main event for over 250 professionals takes place at one of the most leading venues in the Netherlands, such as the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel, the Big Industrial Club (IGC) and, of course, our very own Nyenrode castle.

Our mission is to create a valuable network of finance professionals who inform, motivate and inspire each other through our platform in order to build sustainable business for the financial institutions they are involved in.




  • Chairman: Katherine Kucherenko (20080333)
  • Board members:  Peter van Ees (19910216), Vera Tolkach