Nyenrode Finance Mid Summer Drinks 2018


As temperatures rise in line with the Fed interest rate hikes, it is time to consume the cyclical peak. Nyenrode’s Finance Circle’s Mid Summer Drinks is delighted to provide you with exactly that opportunity. 

It was a beautiful Winter full of unique events, but now it is time to have a 'Summery' drink and catch up together on a terrace in the sun on an evening that never ends. This time around we would like to take your Oxfords and Louboutins to the beach; Strandzuid in Amsterdam is this year’s venue of choice; the sun at which has made the icicles of Zuidpool melt. You can get there by train and hop off at the RAI Station, so no excuse for the campus residents not to show up. 

In case you wonder: do I need any swimming attire? No, you do not need anything as Strandzuid is not a real beach, it is a restaurant where the Beatrix Park serves as its seaside and instead of seagulls there are plenly of ducks.   

Are you ready for a Summer vacation in your own city?

Start evenement: 
12 jul 2018 - 18:00
Europaplein 22
1078 GZ Amsterdam
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