Erdogan Gülyaz - "Lean management focused on customer value delivers sustainable competitiveness"


Schrijf je nu in! voor ons volgende Nyenrode Lean Kring bijeenkomst op campus met promovendus Erdogan Gülyaz.

In juli is Erdogan Gülyaz gepromoveerd aan Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Hij zal deze avond een presentatie inclusief workshop geven over zijn onderzoek “Extending Lean Framework Beyond Conventional Boundaries: Exploring Value Creation and Appropriation in SMEs and Services”.

This evening and workshop will be in English. Please see below for the highlights and program of this evening.

In today’s highly dynamic business environment, organizations adopting Lean need to do more than merely reducing waste in their processes. Additionally, and increasingly, they need to develop a deep understanding of what their customers really value. Despite the growing research interest in the concept of ‘customer value’, and its strong link to the Lean mantra -‘creating value by reducing waste’, little theoretical work has been undertaken to explore it in the Lean discourse.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this research aims to deepen the concept of customer value in Lean, from a prescriptive view - customer value as quality, cost and delivery towards a descriptive view - customer value as an individualistic, holistic and relativistic experience. As such, Erdogan Gulyaz in his research points out new ways of creating value in a Lean system.

The key objective of this session is to provide participants new insights about what customer value really means, beyond products and services, and why it is the building block of a firm’s Lean strategy. Erdogan will explain the key characteristics of customer value that are systematically derived from the scientific knowledge base. Finally, the participants will experience how to capture a holistic view of customer value by making an exercise with the CVM tool developed by Erdogan during his PhD research.

The summary of the thesis of Erdogan Gülyaz can be downloaded on this page:'s/pdf's---faculteit-research/dissertations/dissertation_erdogan-gulyaz_samenvatting.pdf?sfvrsn=889ec414_2

Offcourse we start this evening again with a sandwich and end with a drink in the Plesmanbar.


  • 18:30 Walk-in with a sandwich in AH building
  • 19:00 Guestspeaker Erdogan Gülyaz about "Lean management focused on customer value delivers sustainable competitiveness"
  • 21:00 Drinks in Plesmanbar at campus

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Nyenrode Lean Kring bestuur

Sanne Nieuwenhuijse, Rob van Tilburg en Chris Snellen van Vollenhoven

Start evenement: 
19 sep 2017 - 18:30
Nyenrode Business Universiteit, AH-gebouw Executive zaal 2
Straatweg 25
20.00 EUR
25.00 EUR
10.00 EUR