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Our Vision: Our vision is to improve everyday life of our Alumni, Students and Allies. 

Our Mission: Addressing a wide range of Business and IT challenges, facilitating interactive discussions and generating insights into the dynamics around the fields of People and Technology.

Why Circle People and Technology?

Innovative technologies are changing the world around us. The increasing speed of digitization of organizations and robotization of industries has social and economic implications for our key sectors such as Finance, Transport, Retail, Healthcare and Professional Services. With emerging technologies such as Fintech and Blockchain the future banks will be integrated in the Internet of Things. Autonomous technologies will transform our transportation sector. On demand 3D printing will change our retail systems and Machine Learning will change our Professional Services. 

The increasing pace of all those technological advancements and disruptive innovations has great impact on businesses and people’s professional and private lives. Complex multi facet ethical and social dilemmas are mostly overlooked or not addressed correctly while designing or adopting to those technologies. 

    •    How much innovation do we need?
    •    How fast can one adopt to those innovations?
    •    How will this impact our educational systems?
    •    How will this impact our future jobs? 
    •    How will this impact our safety and security?

5 Key Reasons for “Why” You Should Become a Member of our Circle People & Technology?

    •    Help us shape the world 
    •    Get prepared for the massive impact of technological developments on business and society 
    •    Get inspired by future business challenges and technological disruptions
    •    Help us create sustainable employability
    •    Become a valuable member of an exclusive business community 

Practical Information
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Our VCV circle board:

Chairman, Martijn Spek, MBA (20123302)

Martijn heeft meer dan 25 jaar ervaring met het opzetten, ontwikkelen en aansturen van organisaties die opereren op het snijvlak van HR en Business en IT. Martijn is afgestudeerd aan de Nyenrode Business Universiteit waar hij een Executive MBA in Business & IT heeft afgerond en verbonden is aan een Executive Doctorate Program. Martijn is founder van Reflexo, een organisatie die innovatieve E-HRM oplossingen bouwt en founder van TalentBlu, een 100% op strengths gebaseerde Tech Talent Agency die door inzet van kennis, expertise en specifieke projecten de digitale wendbaarheid van organisaties vergroot. Daarnaast is hij co-founder van Listo Technology, een Nederlands technologiebedrijf met 100% blockchain focus en is als executive betrokken bij Recrout, een HR tech organisatie. Martijn is tevens betrokken bij de Raad van Advies van The Other Network.


2019 – heden: CCO bij Recrout
2018 – heden: Managing Director van Listo Technology
2018 – heden: CEO van TalentBlu Technologies
2016 – 2018: Managing Director van Conclusion Digital
2014 – 2015: CEO van INFIZEN
2007 – 2015: Managing Director van Reflexo
2001 – 2006: Managing Director van ADVIZIER

Wisse Roelofs, MSc (20170088)

Mr. Ing. Robin Goudappel, MSc (19990333)

Robin has a broad international business experience driven by a clear people, customer and business focus. His clear focus, creativity and strategic thinking enables him to quickly deliver results. Robin fulfilled several management roles within highly innovative industries (ICT, Aviation, Automotive, Cyber Security). His believe in the power of innovation and people focus drives him to continuously learn and discover on how innovation emerges and is adopted by people. And creates unknown value. Robin likes to contribute to the community. The People & Technology Circle enables Robin to share his knowledge and drive but learn at the same time.


Louis Huyskes, MSc, MBA (19990419)

After graduating medical school, Louis decided to pursue a career as an advertising creative for about a decade. The international MBA provided a welcome platform of change, launching him into international brand development. From there it was a small step to board room consulting in identity and strategy development. Profoundly interested in the impact of steeply accelerating innovation on society, he joined the Thinktank Innovation & Trust (an Achmea, KPN, Rabobank and Schiphol initiative) as a member. He is a proud father of three and avid sailor.