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Our Vision: Our vision is to improve everyday life of our Alumni, Students and Allies. 

Our Mission: Addressing a wide range of Business and IT challenges, facilitating interactive discussions and generating insights into the dynamics around the fields of People and Technology.

Why Circle People and Technology?

Innovative technologies are changing the world around us. The increasing speed of digitization of organizations and robotization of industries has social and economic implications for our key sectors such as Finance, Transport, Retail, Healthcare and Professional Services. With emerging technologies such as Fintech and Blockchain the future banks will be integrated in the Internet of Things. Autonomous technologies will transform our transportation sector. On demand 3D printing will change our retail systems and Machine Learning will change our Professional Services. 

The increasing pace of all those technological advancements and disruptive innovations has great impact on businesses and people’s professional and private lives. Complex multi facet ethical and social dilemmas are mostly overlooked or not addressed correctly while designing or adopting to those technologies. 

    •    How much innovation do we need?
    •    How fast can one adopt to those innovations?
    •    How will this impact our educational systems?
    •    How will this impact our future jobs? 
    •    How will this impact our safety and security?

5 Key Reasons for “Why” You Should Become a Member of our Circle People & Technology?

    •    Help us shape the world 
    •    Get prepared for the massive impact of technological developments on business and society 
    •    Get inspired by future business challenges and technological disruptions
    •    Help us create sustainable employability
    •    Become a valuable member of an exclusive business community 

Participation Fees
Attending all 5 sessions will require an investment of €200 per annum for Nyenrode VCV members. ( Non VCV members €250). The cost of attending one session will be €50 each for Nyenrode VCV members.(Non VCV members €70 and students €35).

Practical Information
Dates: to be announced via Nyenrode Alumni VCV website
Speakers: to be announced via Nyenrode Alumni VCV website
Contact VCV Office for information, subscription and general enquiries

Our VCV circle board:

Chairman: Mr. Sheraz Ali, M.B.A (20113310)

Sheraz is founder and chairman of the Nyenrode VCV Circle People and Technology. He is a “Best in Business” award winning serial entrepreneur and Digital Transformation, Security & E-Privacy advisor to businesses and federal governments. With more then a decade of experience in diverse management and consulting roles, in the fields of Information & Technology Services, Business Consulting, Financial Services, Cyber Security and Risk Management, he helps enterprises to innovate and excel in highly competitive and rapidly changing business environments. 

Organizations he supports, effectively and efficiently innovate and build disruptive products and services. His value adding support empowers them to integrate and benefit from emerging technologies such as: Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Advance Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. In his role as chairman of the Circle People and Technology, he is committed to improve everyday life of Nyenrode alumni, students and allies by addressing a wide range of Business and IT challenges, facilitating interactive discussions and generating insights into the dynamics around the fields of People & technology.

Vice chairman: Mr. Ing. Robin Goudappel MSc (19990333)

Robin has a broad international business experience driven by a clear people, customer and business focus. His clear focus, creativity and strategic thinking enables him to quickly deliver results. Robin fulfilled several management roles within highly innovative industries (ICT, Aviation, Automotive, Cyber Security). His believe in the power of innovation and people focus drives him to continuously learn and discover on how innovation emerges and is adopted by people. And creates unknown value. Robin likes to contribute to the community. The People & Technology Circle enables Robin to share his knowledge and drive but learn at the same time.

Secretary: Mrs. Loes Bieuwinga-Pennings MBA (20103109)

Loes has fulfilled several management roles within the banking industry. In her role as a manager she recognized the importance and impact of technological developments on employees and the future of business models.  During her Executive MBA study at Nyenrode, she conducted research on the impact of personal engagement and commitment on independent performances. She found the importance of Self-efficacy as a main stimulator of personal engagement, performance and sustainable employability. As an entrepreneur Loes is dedicated to support companies in developing and sustainably aligning its employees with the organization's strategy. By sharing her knowledge and expertise, Loes aims to contribute to the VCV community ‘People & Technology’.