Robotization and the future of Jobs


VCV circle People & technology: Robotization and the future of Jobs

The future of work and the importance of the Learning Organization in the Digital Age.

When? April 19th 2018! 

Where? Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Innovative technologies are changing the world around us in a fast pace. The increasing speed of digitization of organizations and robotization of industries has social and economic implications for our key sectors such as Finance, Transport, Retail, Healthcare and Professional Services.

With emerging technologies such as Fintech and Blockchain the future banks will be integrated in the Internet of Things. Autonomous technologies will transform our transportation sector. On demand 3D printing will change our retail systems and Machine Learning will change our Professional Services.

The increasing pace of all those technological advancements and disruptive innovations has great impact on businesses and people’s professional and private lives.

Complex multi facet ethical and social dilemmas are mostly overlooked or not addressed correctly while designing or adopting to those technologies.

• How much innovation do we need?
• How fast can one adopt to those innovations?
• How will this impact our educational systems?
• How will this impact our future jobs?
• How will this impact our safety and security?

During this session Prof Nick van Dam will share his vision on how to take advantage of disruptive technologies and effectively organize digital transformation.

Prof. Nick van Dam is a partner, Global Chief Learning Officer and Client Engagement advisor for McKinsey & Company. Nick is an Adjunct Professor and Advisory Board Member at the University of Pennsylvania’s PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program. Nick has served over 100 clients around the world. Prior to McKinsey, he has been Global Chief Learning Officer, Global HR Director and Director Human Capital for Deloitte. And by the way is a great speaker and fun to listen to.

For more information check the website or enclosed document. There will be plenty of time to exchange and share your challenges and successes with an inspiring group of people. Prepare for the future, start April 19 at Nyenrode Business University.

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Start evenement: 

19 apr 2018 - 17:30


Nyenrode Business Universiteit 

Straatweg 25 

3621 BG Breukelen


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