1999 IMBA

Dear all,

As you may know, the Nyenrode alumni association VCV has recently completed there totally new website. It’s a networking tool you may want to add to your existing kit.

I am aware that not all of you are VCV-member. Of course, you don’t need to be, but you might anyway. I’d just like to mention the many vibrant VCV business & pleasure circles around the world and see whether I could get you take at least a look: nyenrodealumni.nl, english version, point at ‘circles’.

For those in The Netherlands, there’s a host of activities going on, drawing Nyenrodian business people from all levels. I met the second in command for RBS NL, liked him and did a project for him. OK, he may be a banker, but still.

Personaly I always feel quite upbeat everytime I meet such a band of positive people. Wish the same for you.
Anyway, isn’t it time to organize the next Lustrum Reunion? Just a question.