2004 IMBA

Hi all,

as you might know this year it will be 10 years that we all graduated from Nyenrode IMBA.
For me it somehow feels like it`s just a couple of months since we left university. However, looking back on the last years i am pretty sure that most of our lifes changed significantly. Unfortunately many of us lost contact over the past years. So we should use this 10 years anniversary to meet again (if possible) and share some stories on how our lifes developed and have a lough on the times we spent together so closely.

David already started a similar initiative early this year but was not succesfull in finding a suitable date. To make organisation easier this time, I set up an online poll to find the best date (4 dates late this year / 4 early next year).
So please follow the link and let us know when you would be available:

I have no clear picture yet what we should exactly do this weekend and am happy to also receive your ideas. Anyhow i would love to have a get together in Nyenrode itself to meet professors, sit down in a cubicle or just have a beer in the bar. Lets just discuss a schedule once we found a weekend. Since I myself don`t live in the Netherlands I trust that some of you will assist me in organising thinks locally if necessary (choosing restaurants, reservations...).

If you receive this message please drop me an email (martin.holzinger@immigon.com).
No matter if you will be able to attend the reunion or not, we will try to find ways to keep anyone involved - even if living abroad!

Looking forward to meeting you again. Hope we can make this happen...
Best regards