10 year anniversary Homecoming


Dear MSc17,

As you might already know, on the 25th of August is our homecoming!!


We hope you will all be there to celebrate your 10th anniversary starting our great journey together. Just close your eyes, oké not really, since otherwise you can’t continue reading, and go back 10 years. And imagine, walking on campus, being ignored by MSc16, trying to settle in to our cosy shared rooms, being nervous for our “ontgroening” but at the same time very exciting to start a new era. 


August 2008 was the start of:

-    A lot of drinks at our beloved Kelderbar

-    The sound of the Koektent so we finally could get some food

-    The ongoing stream of e-mails, so you currently won’t be stressed by any of that

-    The dressed up jazz night

-    The even better dressed up faut bowlen

-    The dining experiences at the kookclub

-    The drinks after our exams with the strijdkar

-    The race of the classics 

-    The rally

-    A bit less formal the Tuinfeest

-    Stoepkrijten, because you are never too old to do so

-    Golddiggers party, because, why not ;)

-    Monopoly so we also get outside of our trusted estate 

-    Basecamp because, well, let’s be honest we all don’t know why this was happening

-    The best beach party organised by Cees & Herman

-    RTLX of which we could never get enough…

-    Cocktails in Poland 

-    The football tournament

-    De Neukpolitie who named and shamed every one (…fair enough)

-    Who managed to get the scooter in the dry cleaner?

-    And who could weight to be home to take shit? 

-    Throwing aubergines, do you still eat them? 

-    MJ passing away and we shared this at the bar

-    Our TDK-ers, of which some didn’t really want to leave…

-    The dinner of the Mooie Mannen Verdieping (were they really that pretty? And more important, are they still)

-    The best music of the Booze represented by our most talented students

-    The maintable….Thank you Mrs. table president, Mrs. table president, members of the campus committee board, members of the Heeren V, members of the Sufficanten Victualiën, etc

With the knowledge you have today, wouldn’t it be great to just go back to that time!

I just stepped to the gate, Nijenrode here I am, I left my past behind, and I don’t give a damn…


Well now we do, so please be there so we can share our memories, our new lives and be there, the 25th of august!

Please subscribe via the VCV event on the website, so we can arrange a great bbq at the “rostrum” and of course all go the bars afterwards. Bijzijn is meemaken and it’s going to be legen… (WAIT FOR IT) dary. A bus back to Amsterdam will be arranged if we will be with enough people. To make this happen, please let us know if you will come. 


Van verre & Fufluns!


The Homecoming committee

Birgit ten Hove, Ceyda Sipahi, Petra de Vlieger, Jan Klerken & Catharina Schut

Start evenement: 
25 aug 2018 - 18:00
30.00 EUR
30.00 EUR
30.00 EUR