Welcome to the Data Circle(Kring)!


In today's economy we see more and more companies wanting to become more data driven. But what that exactly means, and what the implications are, is not clear to many. We see an opportunity for the VCV to strengthen the relationship between business and IT. From the business side there are questions such as: "How do we deal with outcomes of a predictive model?", or "what does it mean for my organization when I want to be data-driven?", and from the IT side "how can we create robust models when people will act according to prediction? " Answers can be found as business and IT will work more closely, but in many companies, there is still no "data" person in the board, although there has been a change in recent years, and the amount of available data is increasing exponentially. What does this mean for the strategy of the company, how can you secure your own data and what exactly is allowed as far as privacy is concerned? Many uncertainties that are still subject to change. With the creation of this circle we want to give content to such issues. We deliberately made a choice for "data", and not for the hype term "big data", because many companies still have many challenges with their structured data that falls in the category of “small data”.

Therefore, our mission and vision is to strengthen the relationship between business and IT in the field of data, by creating events where Nyenrodians with different professions can get to know each other, to share knowledge and to inspire each other. Our first event commemorates the official start of the Data Circle (Kring) by hosting a Keynote on Neural Networks by Koen Meeusen on the 15th of March. Please join us to celebrate the beginning of a fascinating and interesting journey with Data.

We will be hosting more events in the near future! If you would like to know more or get in touch with us, please feel free to do so by emailing us to mdragt@md2c.nl

See you soon!

Data Circle (Data Kring) Board

Marian Dragt, Jaap de Roos and Katherine Bustos