Alumni Dinner of the introduction period 2017


17th of July 2017

Honorable Alumni,

By means of this letter we would like to invite you to the Alumni Dinner of the introduction period 2017. We would like to continue with the positive atmosphere of last year and create an event where we can show the close relationship between the NCV, alumni, the VCV, and the tight bonds that exist within the different Disputen, Genootschappen, Year clubs, etc. This event also creates the possibility for you to come back to Nyenrode and meet with old friends. This evening is the first time the participants will come in contact with Alumni and it is our goal to make this an enjoyable evening with a positive and energetic atmosphere.

The evening

We would like to welcome you on the 18th of August at 19:30 in the tent located on the handball field next to the Coach House. Drinks will be arranged upon arrival and a casual dinner will follow around 21:00. To create a more dynamic atmosphere within the tent, no seating arrangements will be done, so everyone is able to sit freely. The candidate participants, who will arrive shortly after, will all have different roles during their moment with you. We would like to ask you to engage with them and let them experience what it is like to be an alumni and besides, act upon their given roles. Their roles will vary from entertainment, to service and homing pigeons to deliver messages to other alumni. By acting upon these roles we can create an active and positive environment within the tent. We would like to focus on showing them what the NCV, the VCV and Nijenrode stand for, while maintaining a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. Afterwards, you are all welcome in the Kelderbar were you can continue the night and enjoy the evening to its fullest.

We would like to stress out that deviant behavior not in line with the purpose of the introduction, such as exaggerated use of alcohol, will not be tolerated and will result in the exclusion of the rest of the event.


The tent will have a limited number of tables and therefore we would like to ask you to reserve your spots with the group of your liking. We hope that each will be present but we also encourage individuals, year clubs and any other form of group to be present. As we have a limited amount of places available we would like to note that placement will be performed on a first come first serve basis. The registration can be done by sending an email to Michael Westers via, including a complete list of all people, who will join you in your group. Note that for each Dispuut, Genootschap and Gezelschap, we have contacted your youngest year, living on campus, and they will be the main contact person for the event. The registration fee for both dinner and drinks is 30 Euro per person. The total amount per table/group will have to be transferred, at once by the main contact person of the group, before Monday the 7th of August to:


T.N.V. Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre
Note: Bijstand 2017 + Alumni Night + name contact person of the group

Please pay attention to this letter on behavior during the alumni dinner.


Continue the new course

As already mentioned we would like to continue with the positive course set out last year. We would like to go back to the traditional goal of the evening, which is to show the strong bond the alumni keep over the years, even after leaving Nyenrode. It is in the interest of us all to bring this original purpose back and to ensure the smooth execution of the evening. If you have any questions about the course of this evening, please contact Michael Westers via the following email address:


Yours sincerely,

De Bijstand 2017

Eline de Hoop, Chairman

Michael Westers, Vice-Chairman

Dominique Hendriksen, Secretary

Robin van Os, Treasurer

Marie-Louise Diepenhorst, Commissioner


Start evenement: 
18 aug 2017 - 19:30
Handball field next to the Coach House
Straatweg 25
3621BG Breukelen, Utrecht
30.00 EUR
30.00 EUR
30.00 EUR