19 November | Are robots taking over?


What will the future look like? Will we be replaced by robots, will we make payments via our body parts, and will nanotechnology reverse aging? Those who think it will not happen in this lifetime, might be grossly mistaken. On the 19th of November,  Bert Bruns from Bridges2Beyond will lead us through the world of disruptive technologies. The goal this evening is for you to make up your own mind: are they a blessing or a curse.

While we are just getting used to the profound impact of the Internet on our daily lives, other new technologies are being developed at unprecedented rates. Think of Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology, DNA sequencing, machine learning, deep learning and new applications of neuroscience.

With these new techniques it will become increasingly difficult to recognize real from fake. And they come with many more questions. When do technologies cross the boundary from useful and desirable to unethical or even dangerous? Are we as a society capable to continue to develop technologies in the ‘right’ way, and do we know what the right way is? During this evening you will learn what disruptive technology is and what the pros and cons are. 

After the presentation, we will be able to continue our conversations during the networking drinks, which are included.

Costs: VCV members and students €10, non VCV members €20. Payment can be completed through the payment request (to be sent after registration). The amount can also be paid directly to account number: NL62INGB 0651819989 and account name: J. Vlaar en/of T. Dirks. It is possible to have dinner at the Mensa, costs not included in the fee.

Cancellation: In the unfortunate event of having to cancel your attendance, we would appreciate to be notified of this at least two days prior to the date. If cancellation is done at shorter notice we might not be able to cancel your entrance fee.

We are looking forward to host another inspirational evening and look forward to seeing you (again)!

Frans, Jocelyn, Taco, Iris, Jessica

Start evenement: 
19 nov 2019 - 19:00
Nyenrode, Theaterzaal, De Rooijgebouw
Straatweg 25
3621 BG Breukelen
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